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Post holder type T

Galvanized and height adjustable

Product image post holder type T galvanized
Icon post holder type I galvanized

With European Technical Approval



The post holders are used for fastening in lightweight structures such as carports and canopies, where the possibility of height adjustment must be given in the installed state. The concealed connection ensures structural wood protection.


Post holders are fixed to the concrete by means of dowels, bolts or similar. For attachment to the posts, the post is slotted and connected with rod dowels.

Steel quality:

S 235 JR according to EN 10025:2004

Corrosion protection:

All parts are galvanized and yellow chromated. This gives the post supports a high level of corrosion protection without impairing the function of the threads.

Height adjustable even after installation!
Base height 140 mm / max. Height adjustment 70 mm


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Data Sheet

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technical drawing post holder type T galvanized
Application example post holder type T galvanized
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
ACLL1t Ø13 Ø13LLØ10
891052Post holder type T height adjustable8080140-21012066241PieceDownload