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Post holders type U dowel-mounted

Product image post holders type U dowel-mounted
Icons post holders type U dowel-mounted


Post holders type U are used for fixing stable wooden structures, e.g. posts for windbreak fences on concrete or masonry.


Mounting is done on concrete by means of dowels, anchors or similar.

Steel quality:

S 235 JR according to EN 10025:2004

Corrosion protection:

hot-dip galvanized all around, zinc coating thickness
approx. 55 μm according to DIN EN 1461

technical drawing post holders type U dowel-mounted
Application example post holders type U dowel-mounted
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmPUUnitSketch
ABLt Ø11
89880Post holder type U dowel-mounted7160200581PieceDownload
89881Post holder type U dowel-mounted8160200581PieceDownload
89882Post holder type U dowel-mounted9160200581PieceDownload
89883Post holder type U dowel-mounted10160200581PieceDownload
89884Post holder type U dowel-mounted12160200581PieceDownload
89885Post holder type U dowel-mounted14160200581PieceDownload