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Post holders type U

height and side adjustable galvanized

Product image post holder type U galvanized
Icon post holder type I galvanized

With European Technical Approval



Post holders type U are used for fixing stable wooden structures, e.g. posts for windbreak fences on concrete or masonry.


Mounting on concrete is done by means of dowels, anchors or similar.

Steel quality:

S 235 JR according to EN 10025:2004

Corrosion protection:

All parts are galvanized and yellow chromated. This gives the post supports a high level of corrosion protection without impairing the function of the threads.


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Data Sheet

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technical specification post support type U galvanized
Application example post girder type U galvanized
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
ABL Ø5 Ø13
981051Post holder type U height- and side adjustable80-16080140-210861PieceDownload