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Joist hangers outside XXL

Product image Joist hangers outside
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With European Technical Approval



Joist hangers outside XXL from Gutzeit for large timber dimensions with combi-hole pattern are used for connecting secondary beams to main beams or to other solid construction connections e.g. steel or concrete. The joist hangers have an approval valid throughout Europe. The basis for the load values is ETA 09/0015, here you can also find the characteristic values of the load capacity.


The connection of XXL joist hangers to wood or wood-based materials requires the use of 4.0 x 1 comb nails or 5.0 x 1 screws. M12 anchor bolts are used for connection to concrete or steel.

Steel quality:

DX51D + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10346
(see also approval)

Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm.


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Download as PDF

Data sheet

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technical drawing joist hangers outside XXL
Application example joist hangers outside XXL
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
bhctMain girder Ø5Main girder Ø11Secondary girder Ø5
90100240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A100240612,53863620PieceDownload
90100280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A100280612,54664420PieceDownload
90100300Joist hanger XXL Typ: A100300612,55264820PieceDownload
90100320Joist hanger XXL Typ: A100320612,55064820PieceDownload
90120240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A120240612,53863620PieceDownload
90120280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A120280612,54664420PieceDownload
90120300Joist hanger XXL Typ: A120300612,55465220PieceDownload
90120320Joist hanger XXL Typ: A120320612,55465220PieceDownload
90140200Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140200612,53443220PieceDownload
90140240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140240612,54264020PieceDownload
90140260Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140260612,54664420PieceDownload
90140280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140280612,55264820PieceDownload
90140300Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140300612,55064815PieceDownload
90140320Joist hanger XXL Typ: A140320612,56065615PieceDownload
90160160Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160160612,53042820PieceDownload
90160200Joist hanger XXL Typ: A / TOP160200612,53843615PieceDownload
90160240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160240612,54664415PieceDownload
90160260Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160260612,54664415PieceDownload
90160280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160280612,55465220PieceDownload
90160300Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160300612,55465215PieceDownload
90160320Joist hanger XXL Typ: A160320612,55465215PieceDownload
90180180Joist hanger XXL Typ: A180180612,53443210PieceDownload
90180200Joist hanger XXL Typ: A180200612,53863610PIeceDownload
90180220Joist hanger XXL Typ: A / TOP180220612,54264010PieceDownload
90180240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A180240612,54664410PieceDownload
90180280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A180280612,55064810PieceDownload
90180320Joist hanger XXL Typ: A180320612,56065610PieceDownload
90200200Joist hanger XXL Typ: A200200612,53863610PieceDownload
90200240Joist hanger XXL Typ: A / TOP200240612,54664410PieceDownload
90200280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A200280612,55465210PieceDownload
90220260Joist hanger XXL Typ: A220260612,55064810PIeceDownload
90240280Joist hanger XXL Typ: A240280612,55465210PieceDownload