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Timber Connectors


Here you will find all information and documents on declarations of performance, approvals, type static calculations and structural analyses for our products. Also, our latest catalog is available for download. If you need 3-D models for your planning, we can send you all common formats on request.

Declarations of performance for our products

DP Joist hangers 260-500 mm platine
DP Joist hangers XXL
DP Joist bracket
DP Flat products according to EN14545
DP Angle connectors/ KR-angle
DP Angle connectors with perforated plate
DP Concrete flat steel anchor/ Tie rod
DP Rafter purlin anchor
DP Post holder
DP Rod dowel

Type static calculations/ structural analyses for our products

Type static joist holder
Type static joist bracket
Type static rafter purlin anchor
Type static rafter purlin anchor universal
Type static KR-angle
Type static concrete flat steel anchor
Type static perforated plate angle
Type static rod tie
Typ static angle connector with bar
Type static anlge connector without bar
Type static rod dowel
Type static post holder

Approvals of our products according to ETAG 015

Joist hanber/ ETA090015
Joist bracket/ ETA090105
Concrete flat steel anchor/ ETA090132
Rafter purlin anchor/ ETA090104
Post holder/ ETA131063
Angle connector with bar/ ETA090134
Angle connector without bar/ ETA090133

Catalogs, brochures, flyers

Gutzeit Catalog 2023

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Gutzeit Master data list

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The calculations were carried out by the engineering firm BE Ingenieure GmbH.

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