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Timber connector

Timber connectors are metal fasteners used to connect wooden structures. In addition, they are also used for timber/concrete and timber/steel joints.

Post holders

Post holders are used as a compression and tension resistant connection between the foundation and the support base.

Post holders are available in various designs. Regardless of the design, a post support ensures the necessary under-ventilation of structural timber and prevents constant waterlogging at the base of the timber.


For a secure connection, comb nails, rod dowels, tooth plate connectors, screws, as well as achor anchor and screw anchors are used, depending on the requirements and application.

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Timber connectors

Post Holders

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Technical drawings for special designs

Special designs

In addition to the production and sale of the standard range, the company Gutzeit also offers the design and manufacture of special articles and fasteners according to customer requirements.

We offer with our CAD software, the creation of drawings and 3D articles according to your specifications.