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Angel connector KR

Angel connector KR Product Image
Icons Angel connector KR

With European Technical Approval



Gutzeit angel connectors KR are mainly used for connections between wood and other building materials, such as steel, concrete, etc.


The angel connectors KR are fastened with comb nails or screws. When connecting to concrete, use appropriate screws and dowels.

Steel quality:

S 235 JR according to DIN EN 10025

Corrosion protection:

Angel connectors KR are hot-dip galvanized all around after machining, zinc layer thickness approx. 55 μm according to EN ISO 1461


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Data sheet

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technical drawing angel connector KR
Application example angel connector KR
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
ABCtLeg A Ø11Leg A Ø5Leg B Ø11Leg B Ø5
890095KR - anchor 95 mm with long hole Ø13,5 958565491225PieceDownload
890135KR - anchor 135 mm with long hole Ø13,5 135856541141225PieceDownload
890285KR - anchor 285 mm with long hole Ø13,5 285856543251225PieceDownload