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Flat connector with combi perforation

Product image flat connector with combi perforation
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Flat connectors are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. They are suitable for transmitting tensile and compressive forces. There are many possible applications for flat connectors in structural timber engineering. Preferably, they are used as a substitute for the carpenter post-and-beam connection.


Flat connectors are fastened with comb nails 4.0 x L or with screws. We recommend always using two flat connectors per connection. Further details can be found in DIN 1052:2004-08.

Steel quality:

S 250 GD + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10326:2004


Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm.


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technical drawing flat connector with combi perforation
Application example flat connector with combi perforation
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
ABt Ø5 Ø11 Ø13
89620Flat connector35952,582100PieceDownload
89621Flat connector40180316450PieceDownload
89622Flat connector551352,520250PieceDownload
89624Flat connector651752,519550PieceDownload
89625Flat connector90200331450PieceDownload