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Joist hangers outside

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With European Technical Approval



Joist hangers are used for connecting secondary beams to main beams or to columns. Maximum stressability is achieved with full nailing. The load in the direction of the bottom plate allows a higher load capacity than the load leading away from the bottom plate.

Partial nailing reduces the stressability of the product, but with full allowability. The connection of joist hangers to wood or wood-based materials requires the use of 4.0 × 1 comb nails or 5.0 × 1 screws.

The total depth of the joist hanger was set by us at 80 mm to give the connection an even better hold.


The joist hanger is mounted to the beam with comb nails or screws. When connecting to concrete or masonry, use appropriate screws and dowels.

Steel quality:

DX51D + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10327:2004
(see also approval)

Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm.


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Data sheet

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Application example joist hangers outside
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensonsmmAmountPUUnitSketch
bhctmain girder Ø5main girder Ø11main girder Ø5
89 475Combi - Joist hanger40110802144850PieceDownload
89 476Combi - Joist hanger50105802144850PieceDownload
89 477Combi - Joist hanger60100802144850PieceDownload
89 479Combi - Joist hanger601308021841050PieceDownload
89 480Combi - Joist hanger601608022241225PieceDownload
89 481Combi - Joist hanger601908022661425PieceDownload
89455Combi - Joist hanger602208023061625PieceDownload
89 482Combi - Joist hanger7095802144850PieceDownload
89 483Combi - Joist hanger701258021841050PieceDownload
89 484Combi - Joist hanger801208021841050PieceDownload
89 486Combi - Joist hanger801508022241225PieceDownload
89 487Combi - Joist hanger801808022661425PieceDownload
89 488Combi - Joist hanger802108023061625PieceDownload
89 489Combi - Joist hanger901458022241250PieceDownload
89 490Combi - Joist hanger1001408022241250PieceDownload
89 492Combi - Joist hanger1001708022661425PieceDownload
89 493Combi - Joist hanger1002008023061625PieceDownload
89 494Combi Joist hanger1201608022661425PieceDownload
89 496Combi - Joist hanger1201908023061625PieceDownload
890168Combi - Joist hanger1401408022641425PieceDownload
89 497Combi - Joist hanger1401808023061625PieceDownload