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purlin cleats

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Are used for horizontal load bearing and anti-tilt protection of high purlins and rafters. The connection of cleats to wood or wood-based materials requires the use of 4.0 x 40 comb nails or 5.0 x 40 screws.


The angle connectors are fastened in the wood with special nails / comb nails Ø 4.0 x 40, load capacity class 3/C,profiled nail lengthlef ≥ 31 mm.

Steel quality:

S 250 GD + Z275 according to DIN EN 10346

Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc coating thickness of approx. 20 μm

technical drawing cleats
Application example cleats
Art.Nr. GutzeitBezeichnungMaßemmVEEin.Zeichnung
ABCtSchenkel A Ø5Schenkel B Ø5
891089Knagge 90mm90907528840StückDownload
891090Knagge 130mm130130902101040StückDownload
891091Knagge 170mm1701701002121220StückDownload
891092Knagge 210mm2102101002181820StückDownload