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Sole plate anchor

Product image sole plate anchor
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Sole plate anchor type W are used for joint formation in the moment – zero point of butt-jointed purlins. When properly installed, they can absorb both tensile and shear forces.


Sole plate anchors are fastened with comb nails 4 x 40 or with screws. The number of nails depends on the span of the purlin. Two anchors must always be used for each connection.

Steel quality:

DX51D + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10327:2004

Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm.

technical drawing sole plate anchor
Application example sole plate anchor
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmPUUnitSketch
ABCtLeg A Ø5Leg C Ø5
89760Sole plate anchor9014020218425PairDownload
89761Sole plate anchor12018020236610PairDownload
89762Sole plate anchor14018020242610PairDownload
89763Sole plate anchor 16018020248610PairDownload
89764Sole plate anchor18018020254610PairDownload
89765Sole plate anchor 20018020260610PairDownload
89766Sole plate anchor22018020266610PairDownload
89767-20Sole plate anchor24018020272610PairDownload
89769-20Sole plate anchor26018020278610PairDownload
891223Sole plate anchor28018020284610PairDownload
890090Sole plate anchor30018020290610PairDownload
891236Sole plate anchor32018020296610PairDownload
891237Sole plate anchor340180202102610PairDownload
891235Sole plate anchor360180202108610PairDownload