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Tie Rod with Washer Plate

Product Image Tie Rod
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Tie rods are used to connect wooden components to a concrete substructure. Comb nails or screws are used to connect to the wooden structure; the connection to the concrete slab is made with dowels or anchor bolts.

Steel Qualitiy:

S 250 GD + 275 according to DIN EN 10346

Washer Plate: S235 JR according to DIN EN 10025

Corrosion protection:

Tie Rod: 275 g/m2 on both sides, corresponds to a zinc coating of approx. 20 µm
Washer Plate: Hot-dip galvanized all around, zinc coating approx. 55 µm according to DIN 1461

technical sketch tie rod
Application example
Art. No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmDowelWasher PlatePUUNITSketch
899315Tie rod340182402M12160x50x1510PieceDownload
899316Tie rod400123402M16110x60x1510PieceDownload
899317Tie rod420222602M16200x60x2010PieceDownload
899318Tie rod420102604M2085x60x2010PieceDownload
899319Tie rod480123604M20115x70x2010PieceDownload