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Joist hangers divided

Product image joist hangers divided


2-piece joist hangers are used for connections of secondary beams to main beams. The 2-piece joist hangers can easily be used for many joist widths from 60 mm, as they can be adapted to any width. The height of the secondary beam should not exceed 1.5 times.


The joist hanger is mounted to the beam with comb nails or screws. When connecting to concrete or masonry, use appropriate screws and dowels.

Steel quality:

DX51D + Z 275 according to DIN EN 10327:2004

Corrosion protection:

275 g/m2 on both sides – corresponding to a zinc layer thickness of approx. 20 μm.

technical drawing joist hangers divided
Application example joist hangers divided
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmAmountPUUnitSketch
bhctMain girder Ø5Main girder Ø11Secondary girder Ø5
890039Joist hanger 2 parts30150802112625PairDownload
890040Joist hanger 2 parts3010080272425PairDownload
89478/PAJoist hanger 2 parts3012080292525PairDownload