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Rafter bracket wood

Product image rafter bracket wood
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Wooden rafter brackets are particularly suitable for wooden ceiling constructions and in connection with collar beam roofs. By accurately notching the rafters, the construction gets an absolute hold on the wooden structure.


Care must be taken to ensure that the spacing of the joist layer matches the spacing of the rafters. Gutzeit comb nails 4.0 x 40 are used for fastening.

Steel quality:

Angle S 235 MC according to DIN EN 10149-2
Perforated plates S 355 JR according to EN 10025

Corrosion protection:

Rafter brackets are hot-dip galvanized all around after machining: Zinc coating thickness approx. 55µ according to EN1461

technical drawing rafter bracket wood
Application example rafter bracket wood
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmPUUnitSketch
ABt 1t 2 Ø5
89800Rafter bracket wood 80mm30084263110PieceDownload
89801Rafter bracket wood 100mm300104263810PieceDownload
89802Rafter bracket wood 120mm300124264410PieceDownload