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Ridge batten holder with nail

Product image ridge batten holder with nail
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Ridge batten holders with nail are used in the roof truss to hold the ridge batten. The attachment of the ridge batten is made by this holder easily, quickly and safely.


The distance of the ridge batten is determined according to the specifications of the roof tile manufacturer. At the ridge beginning and at the ridge end in each case a ridge holder is attached and aligned with a straightedge.

The remaining ridge batten holders can now be easily attached according to the guide line. The ridge batten can now be placed and fastened.

It should be noted that the ridge batten joints each lie on the ridge batten holder.

Steel quality:

U = S235

Nail = C9D

Corrosion protection:


technical drawing ridge batten holder with nail
Application example ridge batten holder with nail
Art.No. GutzeitDescriptionDimensionmmPUUnitSketch
89965Ridge batten holder with nail4050180250PieceDownload
89966Ridge batten holder with nail4050210250PieceDownload
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89968Ridge batten holder with naill4050260250PieceDownload
89970Ridge batten holder with nail5050180250PieceDownload
89971Ridge batten holder with nail5050210250PieceDownload
89972Ridge batten holder with nail5050230250PieceDownload
89973Ridge batten holder with nail5050260250PieceDownload
89974Ridge batten holder with nail5050310250PieceDownload
89978Ridge batten holder with nail6050210250PieceDownload